Set on the busy road of Circular Drive, you will find the busy office of Leigh Parry Estates, a well known residential and smallholding agency.  Established in 2003 we pride ourselves on good solid ethics and values.  Leigh, the Principal and three amazing agents, Carol, Jacqui and Kim are a small but dynamic team who also each hold a valid Fidelity Fund Certificate.  We are passionate about the property industry and driven to offer superior personal service.

Behind the scenes you'll find our amazing and committed office support, Wendy the Office Administrator and Lidzia in Bookkeeping.  Although not anywhere near PE's biggest Estate Agency, we were honoured to be the first winner of the Property Icon Award.  Myself and my dynamic team feel it a privilege to be of service to our clients.


Leigh Parry: Principal

082 659 2610

Having left a sales career when her son was born, Leigh had a real interest in property and with no knowledge as to where to begin, she decided on education to be her starting block. In 1994 she equipped herself with the then EAAB course and exam which was not a pre-requisite to enter the real estate industry. She joined her first company and recalls the Principal saying, " there's a desk and a phone, go sell property". The early days were difficult, however, she was ever grateful for the fact she had equipped herself adequately. Leigh now holds numerous accreditations. Her National Qualification Framework 5, Professional Designation Examination recognition and along the way has received her certificate in Residential Sales. Leigh sits on the Estate Agency Affairs Board for disciplinary hearings and has served several terms as Director of the Institute of Estate Agents. While on the board her greatest reward was working on running Previously Disadvantaged Individual (PDI) workshops, saying "there is nothing more fulfilling than watching people develop and find their true potential." Leigh's love for what she does is tangible and her clients are a testimony to her commitment to them. Having focused on service and customer care, Leigh is honoured to have most of her work attributed to word of mouth referrals.


Carol Spies

082 497 6929

Carol joined Leigh Parry Estates in 2011 after many years in property finance. Having had a very close relationship with Leigh, Carol's passion and interest in joining propery sales grew. Carol felt a desire to be part of Leigh's enthusiasm and energy for the industry and was at a stage in her own life for a new chapter. Having completed her National Qualification Framework 4 and passed her Professional Designation Exam 4 and holding a valid Fidelity Fund Certificate Carol has totally fallen in love with this new chapter! She takes her client deep into her heart and goes well beyond the call of duty to ensure their needs are met. Carol epitomizes the phrase "with you every step of the way." She is ever grateful for the love and support of her family who encouraged her to follow her dreams.



Jacqui Walker

064 270 7395

Jacqui joined Leigh Parry Estates in August of 2017.  Having come from a PA and Admin background, Jacqui had a driving desire to go into sales.  Property had always been at the forefront of her dreams and when in 2015 the opportunity arose for her to join a large Real Estate firm she leaped at it.  Although ever grateful for that start Jacqui felt she needed a change and when an opening became available at Leigh Parry Estates, Jacqui made what she is positive will be " Her Best Move". 

Jacqui has passed her PDE Exam and holds a valid Fidelity Fund Certificate.  Jacqui's goal is to make her clients best interest always top of her priority list.  

Her belief is " If the clients are gratified, the work will continue to flow!"


Kim Coltman

076 893 9064

Passion. Persistance. Perserverance. Words to live by in the Real Estate industry and the only way to be successful.

Kim joined Leigh Parry Estates in 2023 and has been involved in Real Estate since 2012, both in an administrator's capacity and as an agent.  Her passion is matching buyers with their dream homes and is known for being quite tenacious in this regard. For Kim, one of the best moments is seeing that "aha" lightbulb go off in a buyer's eyes when they realize they have arrived home.  She believes that service is what sets you apart in this industry and she is therefore dedicated to ensuring that all clients receive good feedback timeously. 

"My value add as your agent is that I bring with me an enthusiasm for bringing buyers and sellers together as well as the determination to get the best deal for all parties in the shortest time frame."  


Amanda Bithell

083 294 7678

Amanda joined Leigh Parry Estates in April 2024.  Amanda brings with her an outstanding resume of success in the Real Estate Industry. She began her career in property in 2005 with a strong people and sales background coming from years prior in the insurance industry. Amanda's clients are testimony to her dedication and focus on customer service. 

She believes "The best compliment an agent can receive is a referral from past clients and repeated sales due to the trust they have in you as an agent."

With a love for people and a passion for interacting with clients from all walks of life, Amanda can guide any client with professionalism through their property journey. 



Our Lockdown Initiative

We at Leigh Parry Estates are offering to collect, when the lockdown

is lifted, all your useable unwanted clothing, linen and any household

item of use.  This will then be in the PE area and will be delivered to

MES Haven for the destitute and homeless.


Please visit our facebook link and make contact with us on 

email (office@lpe.properties) or whatsapp / sms 

to be added to the list should you wish to have items collected.


Your support of this social upliftment initiative is greatlyappreciated.


Kind regards


Leigh Parry - 082 659 2610,

Carol Spies - 082 497 6929 and

Jacqui Walker - 064 270 7395 


Leigh Parry Estates

AACL Charity Drive

What a fantastic opportunity it was to contribute to this worthy cause with the support of our amazing clients. Thanks to their kind contributions we were able to deliver a lot of much needed supplies to this organisation. Their passion and care is so evident and one can only be in awe at the commitment of those who care for our four-legged friends. Well done to everybody who was part of this iniative.

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